Can I stop my rug moving?

Do you have anything to stop my rug moving or slipping?


The answer is – Yes we do! We have both pre-cut anti-slip underlay and ‘off the roll’ underlay for anything outside of the standard sizes.

Rug underlay is an instant solution to stop your mat or rug from slipping or moving no matter what flooring it’s on.



The underlay is thin so will not show under your rug and if you need to move your rug you can just pick up a corner and re-lay as needed.

The rug underlay can also be washed and reused up to three times before needing to be renewed.




The underlay is also harmless to babies, children and animals so it is safe to use on the rugs and mats in your home.


The benefits of the rug underlay are –

⭐Ready and easy to use

⭐Works on all carpets and hard floors

⭐Stops your rugs slipping or sliding

⭐Suitable for use with underfloor heating

⭐Washable 30 degrees


Want more information on our rug underlay or want to purchase some for your rug or mat?

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